PDF Form Creation and Digital Signatures using Bluebeam

Bluebeam Revu Extreme has all the functions you'll need to quickly and efficiently create PDF forms that include text boxes, buttons, check boxes, digital signatures, drop down lists, and more.

While anyone can fill PDF forms and sign using their digital signature with any edition of Revu (Standard, CAD, or Extreme), only Revu Extreme has the capability to create fillable form fields within a PDF.  In our opinion, it's one of the top reasons to upgrade to Revu Extreme.

To get started, there are 3 ways to access the Form Editor: Revu PDF Form Editor

  1. Click the Form menu, then click Editor
  2. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F
  3. Add the Forms Editor toolbar by clicking View, Toolbars, and then checking the Form toolbar

 Revu Form Toolbar


Creating and Adding Forms

Using the Form Editor, we can click and add any of the following form field types.  Notice how a list of the form fields we've added automatically populates:

Revu Form Editor

Text Box - a standard field for storing  text, dates, numbers, email addresses, etc

Radio Button - used to give multiple choice selection options, and can be grouped together

Check Box - used to select or unselect a single option

List Box - used to select one or more items from within a scrolling list

Dropdown List - used to select one item from within a drop down menu

Button - used to initiate a programmed action in the PDF, such as: running a calculation, validating fields, importing data, or running a custom JavaScript action

Digital Signature - used to securely sign a document with an encrypted digital ID



Modifying Form Field Properties

While you're using the Form Editor, clicking any form field object will display properties in the side panel.  In the General properties, we can set the field's name, whether the field is visible when printed, and whether the field should be Read Only or Required.  The Appearance tab is pretty straightforward; we have many of the same customizations that are available for general markups that can also be applied to forms.  Further options are available that are unique to each form field type.  In this example we have options to add items to our Dropdown List in this sample Punch List.

Revu Form Properties


Check out Bluebeam's free workflow tutorial video on PDF Forms to watch these steps from start to finsh:


Digital Signatures in Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu makes signing documents digitally a breeze.  From start to finish, we'll show you the simple steps to create a secure and unique digital signature, how to manage and customize your IDs and signature appearances, insert signature fields into PDF documents, and lastly how to sign and validate your electronic documents.

  • Create a digital ID  

 If you don't already have an existing digital ID, or would like to create a new one, you'll start by clicking on the Documents menu, then Signatures, then Digital IDs.

Revu Signature Menu


In the Manage Digital IDs menu, you'll have the ability to manage and export existing IDs as well as create a new one.  Click the green + symbol to create a new digital ID.  Populate the fields with your information.  Especially important are the email address and password associated with the Digital ID.  These unique attributes are what define you as you.  Make sure to set a secure password that you can remember.  If you lose or forget the password, there's no way to recover that Digital ID and you'll have to start a new one.

Revu new digital ID

Now that we've created our Digital ID, the next step will be to customize how your Digital Signature appears when you sign a PDF document.


  • Customize your signature's appearance  

 Revu allows you to take control of your signature's appearance to ensure your digital signature looks professional and clean.  Navigate to the Manage Digital IDs menu by clicking on the Document menu, Signatures, then Digital IDs.  Click on the Manage Appearances button at the bottom to bring up the Appearances menu.

A common element people add to the their digital signatures to more closely match their physical signature is an electronic image of their handwritten signature.  Notice how in the example below, a scanned image of the handwritten signature is used by selecting the File button in the Graphic section.  Feel free to choose any of the text options you'll need in your signature and select whether you want the font size to scale automatically with your signature's size or be set to a certain preset size.

Revu signature appearance


  • Insert a digital signature field (Revu Extreme only)  Signature Box

 As we discussed previously in the Forms section, in Revu Extreme you can add a Digital Signature form field by using the Forms Editor.  Once the signature box is placed in the PDF, it can be signed digitally using the signature we created.

  • Digitally sign a PDF  

 Lastly, when we want to sign a PDF document, we will click on an unsigned signature field to sign it.  Notice how the mouse icon changes to a hand holding a pen when you hover over the field.  To sign, we'll need to enter our password for the Digital ID (you'll see a drop down if you are using multiple IDs) and add optional fields like a reason for signing and contact information.

Notice how in the signature menu we also have the options to create a new Digital ID and new Signature Appearance if necessary.

Once the password is entered, click OK to sign.

Revu Signing Digitally


Again, you can check out Bluebeam's free workflow tutorial video on signatures and document security here:


To summarize, you can use any Bluebeam Revu edition to fill and sign PDFs; however, only Revu Extreme gives you the ability to create form fields in a PDF.  

Finally, if you were looking for another reason to upgrade to Revu Extreme then the newest feature in Revu Extreme 2017, Batch Sign and Seal, might be the one that convinces you.  Quickly apply a digital signature, professional seal and date across a batch of multiple files without the hassle of opening and signing individual pages one by one.

Revu Extreme Batch Sign and Seal

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How to Upgrade to Revu 2016

Ok, so you've heard the news.  Revu 2016 is here, and you're ready for that sweet upgrade.  Read below for how to go about upgrading depending on your situation.  Need more help?  Just email us for answers.


Customers with Maintenance - Free 2016 Upgrade

1. Visit Bluebeam's Upgrade Page

2. Enter your current license information

Complete the serial number, product key, and registered email fields.  This information was sent to you from registration@bluebeamops.com (and from Bohdee) with your purchase order.  Click search to pull up your license.

Bluebeam Upgrade Portal

3. Confirm and Receive Your New 2016 License from Bluebeam via Email

When you confirm, your upgrade request is routed to Bluebeam.  Their Ops team will email you a shiny new Revu 2016 license and the download link.  It's very important to use the NEW serial number and product key to register the Revu 2016 install!

Revu 2016 New License Info

Your allowed seats on the new license will be equal to your old one.  Bluebeam will not boot any users off the old licenses once you start upgrading.


Customers with a Holiday Promo Code or Qualifying Purchase made after Jan 1, 2016 - Free Upgrade

1. Follow the same steps above as customers who have maintenance


Customers with Revu Extreme Open Licenses - Free Upgrade

1. Login to the Bluebeam Gateway

Here's the URL: https://portal.bluebeam.com/

For those who have Open Licenses, Bluebeam has already created new Revu 2016 product keys for you.  Log in to the Gateway to get them.  All your Open License seats will remain under the same serial number and you have the choice to keep using your existing version or upgrade whenever you want.


All Others - Paid Upgrades

If you don't meet the above criteria, fear not!  Our ongoing mission is to help you procure your Bluebeam licensing as quickly and efficiently as possible with a competitive discount.  Check out our upgrade page, and don't forget about maintenance either.  It's a great, cost-effective way to get the latest in Bluebeam PDF technology.

Finally, there's no better way to make up your mind than to take Revu 2016 for a test drive.  Click on the image below to visit our Trials page.

Bluebeam Revu 2016 Discover Ad

Bluebeam Revu 2016 is Here!

The folks at Bluebeam have been hard at work all year, and now they're ready to share the next generation of the world's industry leading PDF solution with you: Revu 2016.

At Bohdee, we can tend to wax poetic about all the wonderful new features Bluebeam manages to pack into each new major version.  We'll keep this post limited to the basics, and then we'll follow up later with a more detailed look at how you can use each new feature to work smarter.  Email us if there's something specific you'd like to see!


New Features


Legends Revu Legends Icon

Legends allow anyone to have an immediate visual understanding of the markups on a PDF. Create Legends to show symbols with a basic description, or include additional information from the Markups list such as takeoff quantities, markup status and more. Watch your Legend automatically update as markups are added or modified. How’s that for Legendary?

Batch Markup Summary Revu Batch Sheet Summary Icon

Take your Markups list to the next level with batch functionality. Export comprehensive markup reports from multiple documents into a PDF, XML or CSV summary. Specify the information to include by using powerful sort and filter tools, create a personalized Summary Template, and then save your settings to produce customized markup reports at any time.

Tags Bluebeam Revu Tags Icon

First, Bluebeam built Sets to help you manage an unlimited number of various-source PDFs as a single document in a single tab. Now, they’ve introduced Tags to help you better organize and sort files within a Set according to sheet number, name, type and more. With Tags added to your sheets, you can even generate a complete drawing log from your Set.

Export Bookmarks Revu Export Bookmarks Icon

Too many bookmarks to count? Generate customized PDF and CSV summaries of bookmarks from a single file or across multiple PDFs. Organize your summaries according to hierarchy or as a complete list with corresponding page numbers.


Feature Enhancements 

Revit Plugin Enhancements

Generate smarter PDFs directly from Revit with a simple click. Automatically export Revit Rooms to Spaces, creating a more intelligent 2D PDF that tracks the location of all your markups and makes area measurements even easier to calculate. And with improvements to 3D PDF creation, Linked Models handling, color and material properties transferal and more, your 3D PDFs never looked better!

Alignment Enhancements

Don’t let your markups go wild. Arrange markups with even greater precision. Place markups via Align Center, Align Middle, and Center in Document through the right-click context menu.

AutoMark Enhancements

Leveraging improved character recognition technology, AutoMark™ now automatically creates more accurate page labels and bookmarks from text in your documents, regardless of orientation. Combine multiple page regions, such as sheet labels and numbers, and then easily add prefixes, suffixes and symbols. How’s that for organized?


Introducing Revu 2016 - Buy Now

So why wait?  Start a trial or buy now to revolutionize your PDF workflows and push the boundaries of PDF navigation and reporting.

Attend Bluebeam's Webcast Launch of Revu 2016

Bluebeam has just announced a LIVE webcast launch for Revu 2016, so to attend make sure you register soon. The webcast is scheduled for 2/23/2016, so you have about a month to register.

Bluebeam is also teasing a mysterious special announcement "that is sure to inspire the next generation of industry leaders".  Way to get us on the edge of our seats, Bluebeam!

In addition, Bluebeam will be hosting post-launch webinars for in-depth demonstrations of all the new features.  From our past experience attending Bluebeam webinars, the live Q&A sessions are a great way to learn how to really leverage new or unfamiliar workflows.  Again, visit http://revu2016.bluebeam.com/ to register.

Finally, we are expecting Bluebeam to raise their prices for Revu 2016 as they continue to add cutting edge features and value to the software.  There's no better time to lock in maintenance at the lower 2015 prices and secure a free upgrade to Revu 2016 in February.  Take our advice and head to the maintenance store soon!