How to Upgrade to Revu 2016

Ok, so you've heard the news.  Revu 2016 is here, and you're ready for that sweet upgrade.  Read below for how to go about upgrading depending on your situation.  Need more help?  Just email us for answers.


Customers with Maintenance - Free 2016 Upgrade

1. Visit Bluebeam's Upgrade Page

2. Enter your current license information

Complete the serial number, product key, and registered email fields.  This information was sent to you from (and from Bohdee) with your purchase order.  Click search to pull up your license.

Bluebeam Upgrade Portal

3. Confirm and Receive Your New 2016 License from Bluebeam via Email

When you confirm, your upgrade request is routed to Bluebeam.  Their Ops team will email you a shiny new Revu 2016 license and the download link.  It's very important to use the NEW serial number and product key to register the Revu 2016 install!

Revu 2016 New License Info

Your allowed seats on the new license will be equal to your old one.  Bluebeam will not boot any users off the old licenses once you start upgrading.


Customers with a Holiday Promo Code or Qualifying Purchase made after Jan 1, 2016 - Free Upgrade

1. Follow the same steps above as customers who have maintenance


Customers with Revu Extreme Open Licenses - Free Upgrade

1. Login to the Bluebeam Gateway

Here's the URL:

For those who have Open Licenses, Bluebeam has already created new Revu 2016 product keys for you.  Log in to the Gateway to get them.  All your Open License seats will remain under the same serial number and you have the choice to keep using your existing version or upgrade whenever you want.


All Others - Paid Upgrades

If you don't meet the above criteria, fear not!  Our ongoing mission is to help you procure your Bluebeam licensing as quickly and efficiently as possible with a competitive discount.  Check out our upgrade page, and don't forget about maintenance either.  It's a great, cost-effective way to get the latest in Bluebeam PDF technology.

Finally, there's no better way to make up your mind than to take Revu 2016 for a test drive.  Click on the image below to visit our Trials page.

Bluebeam Revu 2016 Discover Ad