Revu 2017: Everything You Need to Know

With the launch of Revu 2017 this year, it's increasingly apparent that what sets Bluebeam Software apart from competitors is their focus on developing new features and enhancements with feedback from you: the customer.  This year, Bluebeam Revu 2017 is delivering enhanced PDF-based takeoff and workflow automation tools that span the entire project lifecycle.  The focus is on helping you build a better bid.

We'll keep this post limited to the basics, and then we'll follow up later with a more detailed look at how you can use each new feature to work smarter.  Email us if there's a specific feature you'd like more information on!


New and Improved Features for Creating Bids and Material Takeoffs


Dynamic Fill

Dynamic fill is a revolutionary way to create Spaces and area measurement markups.  Simply section off a complex drawing region, and then click and drag to instantly fill the space with the dynamic fill tool.  The tool even comes with adjustable settings for sensitivity to make sure the fill is accurate to where you want it.

Seeing is believing!

Bluebeam Revu Dynamic Fill

Measurement Tools Enhancements Revu PDF Measurement Tool Icon

Revu 2017 comes with an expanded suite of measurement tools.  Additions include Slope, Rise/Drop, and the new Polylength tool.  Another new addition is the ability to copy and paste cutouts (for example when you have multiple column supports drawn in a room).  Finally, Width and Height measurements for a markup now appear in the Markups List, allowing more control and flexibility in calculating costs.

Quantity Link (Extreme only) Bluebeam Revu Extreme Icon   link icon  Excel icon

In Revu Extreme 2017, Bluebeam has added the ability to create a live link between your PDF Markups List and an Excel spreadsheet for quantity takeoffs.  You can now sync measurement totals from multiple PDFs to Excel worksheets for automatic bid calculations using your own predefined formulas and formats.  Quantity link ensures all the data moves seamlessly in real time as you update area markups in Bluebeam.

Bohdee Revu Extreme Quantity Link

Count Tool Enhancements Revu Count icon

Count tools are now much more powerful in Revu 2017.  Convert any existing markup in your Tool Chest to a count markup.  Paired with Visual Search, you can now instantly add count markups matching your visual search criteria (doors, fixtures, lights, etc.)  in addition, Revu 2017 allows you to copy paste and split count markups to adapt to on the fly to change requests.  Need a certain set of light fixtures to be dimmable LEDs instead of the quoted fluorescents?  No problem!  Copy paste is the perfect way to quickly duplicate counts on similar floorplans. All of the enhancements to Counts are designed for greater customization, faster counting, and creating more meaningful data in the Markups List.


Enhanced automation and visualization tools for any stage of the project

Automatic Form Creation (Extreme only Revu Extreme iconBluebeam Revu Form Creation

This one's all in the name!  Revu Extreme 2017 will automatically detect and create form fields like signatures, dates, and checkboxes from scanned or digital documents.  This can save huge amounts of time.  If you need more info on using Revu to create PDF forms, check out our previous article.

Batch Sign and Seal (Extreme only Revu Extreme icon

The key word to think of when you're considering the upgrade to Revu Extreme: Batch.  Batch Sign and Seal is just the latest iteration of a recurring theme that started with Batch Link and Batch Slip Sheet.  Quickly apply a digital signature, professional seal and date across a batch of multiple files without the hassle of opening and signing individual pages one by one.

Revu Extreme Batch Sign and Seal

360° Photos

Utilize Capture to embed immersive panorama images into your markups to easily track construction progress.  This one calls for another animation!

Bluebeam 360 Capture

3D PDF Enhancements

View and manage expansive 3D model metadata with intuitive tools that enable search, filtering, color modification and exporting.


Did we mention that Bluebeam Revu is used by 94% of top US contractors
and 92% of top design-build firms?*  Well it must be because of their relentless commitment to designing software that works better for you.  Keep those suggestions coming!  Email us here at Bohdee or

So why wait?  Start a trial or buy now to take your PDF workflows to a whole new level.

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* Top 50 firms by revenue, as reported by Engineering News-Record

Bohdee Staff
Bohdee Staff