Improvements to Bluebeam Studio in Revu 12.5

Bluebeam recently released Revu 12.5, and it comes with a feature that many customers have been asking for since Studio's inception; email notifications. You can now send emails to Session attendees to alert them of markups that need their attention, right from within Revu. You can also set up notifications for yourself that trigger when Studio documents have been added, removed, or changed by other attendees. If you want to stay on top of a project, you can subscribe to a daily summary that shows you all of the activity that took place.

These notifications are a huge step forward for anyone using Studio to collaborate, and really cut down on the need for redundant emails. Additionally, sending these emails straight out of Revu lets the you or the recipient jump directly to the relevant document and markup. Rather than having to describe how to navigate to the markup in question, they can simply click a hyperlink.

Another big improvement to Studio is a seamless offline mode for Sessions. If you don't have an internet connection (such as at a jobsite), you can continue working on your Session documents and adding markups. As soon as your connection is restored, all of those saved markups get pushed out and added to your Session.

Studio is an extremely powerful feature of Revu, and continues to get even better with each release.

For more information about all of the improvements in Revu 12.5, you can check out the Bluebeam release notes.

Bohdee Staff
Bohdee Staff