Overview of New Features in Bluebeam Revu 12

The enhancements in this year's version of Bluebeam Revu further empower users making the transition to a paperless office. Many of the features are designed to help you manage and organize your new trove of digital documents, better connect the office to the field, and collaborate more effectively with your team.  Let's focus on a few key areas of improvement in Revu 12:



Now that your company or organization is going digital, you might be starting to amass a digital labyrinth of documents.  Here's where getting organized can save you tons of time, and Revu 12 has improved document management features to help you work better.

-Sets 2.0

The new additions to Sets are all about helping you move faster through your multi-file projects.  Sets 2.0 is more flexible; toggle between list and thumbnail views, create hyperlinks that automatically redirect to the latest revision, or add files from a Studio Project to a Set.

-Batch Link

Unique to Revu eXtreme, Batch Link can automatically link entire document sets by file name, page label, or page region quickly and easily, condensing hours of painstaking work into minutes or seconds. 

-Automark 2.0

Enhancements to Automark allow users to create bookmarks and page labels by combining multiple page regions, such as sheet labels and sheet numbers, and then easily adding prefixes, suffixes and symbols. AutoMark also now works with files that contain non-searchable text, such as scans, so all PDFs can be put in order, regardless of how they were made.



By far one of the biggest advantages to digital documents is their portability.  When users can access their project files instantly onsite, then key information is integrated, shared, and used effectively in real time.


New in Revu 12, Capture gives users the ability to add multiple photos from the field or an image library to any markup. Within the Capture viewer, the embedded images are presented as a slideshow users can click through, and the photos display in PDF summary reports giving team members a whole new level of detail.  




Bluebeam Revu software has always been designed to save time and improve the way you work.  These are the powerful, yet simple enhancements that make your life easier.


This feature allows users to group related markups while still being able to edit and manipulate them individually.  There can be many reasons to group markups.  For example, Estimators may want to group similar types of takeoffs for a more organized report while also using grouped measurements to automatically calculate subtotals in the Markups list.  Oil and gas users can save time by organizing P&ID symbols into groups for easy placement and editing.

-Reduce File Size 2.0

Sometimes it can be a challenge to create leaner documents for the field or in order to send via email.  Reduce File Size now sports a new interface and an overhaul under the hood to improve performance and image compression.

-Measurement Enhancements

Improve speed and accuracy in takeoffs and estimations with the enhanced measurement tools in Revu 12. Now, all measurement markups calculate length, area, volume and wall area whenever possible.  Vertical and horizontal scales can be calibrated independently. Sort totals from the Markups list can be exported to CSV or XML and units can be converted between metric and imperial with the click of a button.


Optical character recognition (OCR) has improved performance on large format drawings in Revu 12.  A new menu of search optimization settings allows a user to capture more details from a scanned PDF, whether it's CAD originated or not.

Bohdee Staff
Bohdee Staff