Bluebeam PDF vs. Adobe PDF: Is there a difference?

How is a Bluebeam PDF different than an Adobe PDF? If I create a PDF with Bluebeam and send it to someone who doesn't have it, will they still be able to open and view it correctly? These are questions that anyone considering a move to Bluebeam Revu will be pondering. Naturally, there are concerns about compatibility when running in a mixed environment, or working with people who are running other types of software.

The short answer is that a Bluebeam PDF is the same as an Adobe PDF, there is no difference. This is because as of 2008, PDFs are an "ISO Standard" file format, meaning that it doesn't matter which software you use to create or view a PDF, it's going to look the same. If I create a PDF in Bluebeam and email it to an Adobe user, they will be able to open and view it exactly as I did in Bluebeam. So if all PDF files are the same, why should you use Bluebeam instead of the many other PDF software vendors out there?

The key thing to keep in mind is not creating PDFs, it's how you are able to use it once you have it. Especially for AEC and technical users, Bluebeam is going to have far more features and functionality designed for your specific workflows; tool sets and visual search are prime examples.

For more information, check out our breakdown of the top 10 reasons you should use Bluebeam Revu instead of Adobe Acrobat.

Bohdee Staff
Bohdee Staff