Free Bluebeam Tool Sets!

Bluebeam has you covered with some great pre-loaded tool sets in Revu and the ability to easily create and share your own custom tools. But where can you find more free tool sets for Revu?

Many people don't realize that Bluebeam actually has lots more tool sets which are completely free and available for download.  These include additional punch symbols, ASME, HVAC, electrical, proofreading symbols, and more. You can find the latest free tool sets right on Bluebeam's website here.

Another great source for pre-made tool sets is the Bluebeam Community forum.  Visit the Tool Set Exchange to check out the latest and greatest tool sets from your colleagues around the world. 

Why re-invent the wheel when you can just download someone else's tool sets? Enjoy!

Bohdee Staff
Bohdee Staff