How to Run Bluebeam Revu for Windows on a Mac

Bluebeam has now released their Revu Mac version, but the good news is you can still use Revu for Windows on your Mac computer. In order to do so, you will need to install Windows onto your computer. Keep in mind that with the release of Bluebeam Revu 12, Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported; you will need to install either Windows 7 or 8.


Nowadays, running Windows on your Mac is a relatively simple affair. You have several options here:

  1. Virtualization software, which allows you to run Windows within your Mac OS. Some great options:
    1. VMware Fusion allows you to run Windows applications just as if they were native Mac programs. The Windows OS essentially runs in the background, and you can use those Windows applications in the Mac interface you know and love. There is no need to reboot in order to swap from Mac OS to Windows.
    2. Parallels is another great option which does not require reboots to swap between Mac OS and Windows. 
  2. Boot Camp is included with most Macs, and offers a free option to install Windows onto a separate hard drive partition. Whenever you boot up your Mac, you will have the option to boot into the Mac OS, or into Windows.
  • The main benefit of this option is that it's free, but the big downside is the inconvenience of having to reboot any time you want to switch between operating systems. You are probably better off spending the money on one of the above options for a better user experience.


By installing Windows on your Mac, you can essentially have your cake and eat it too. Also, you will be set up to run any other Windows based applications that you use for your everyday work.

Bohdee Staff
Bohdee Staff