How to Search PDFs in Bluebeam Revu

If you're looking for a faster way to count elements in a drawing, then Bluebeam Revu's VisualSearch™ feature is your "Ctrl-F" for images.  The Construction Estimator stands to gain numerous benefits from automating the tedious process of manually counting electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures, etc.  Not only can this tool save you time, but it can also potentially reduce costly mistakes when those same elements are overlooked when drafting an estimate.  Following up on a change order?  A quick visual search can verify that an updated item has been applied throughout a set of documents.

In addition to simply identifying all instances of a drawing element, the search results can be highlighted, hyperlinked, or a complete count dropped into a Markups List for easy export to a .csv file.  Best of all, VisualSearch can find objects regardless of variations in color, size, orientation, and even overlooks intersecting lines.


How to use VisualSearch:

1. In the Search tab, choose the Visual option, then click Get Rectangle.


2. Click and drag the cursor over the object you would like to search for.  The box next to the Get Rectangle button will display a preview.  The Search In drop down menu allows you to choose a search location other than the current document.  The Options below allow for further search customization.


3. Click Search.  The results will display in the lower half of the tab. You can select search results individually (or use the check all/none icons) then apply actions like Highlight, Markup, or Hyperlink.

Bohdee Staff
Bohdee Staff